What People Are Saying…

Randy Lemmon Face ShotMy name is Randy Lemmon, host of the Gardenline radio program heard weekend mornings on 740 KTRH.  I was asked by my friends at GreenPro to lend my expertise and opinion to this wonderful thing called Compost Top Dressing.  Since I love to write about all things horticultural, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I first met GreenPro in the Spring of 2010.  My lawn had its issues and I wanted to Compost Top Dress.  I knew this was a favorable treatment, but realized I had neither the time nor the desire to spread the compost the old fashion way with a wheel barrow and a shovel.  I called “Natures Way “, home of the two year old leaf mold compost, and they recommended I give GreenPro a call.  That was the right move to make.

They spread an even layer of compost throughout my lawn using state of the art equipment specific to top dressing needs.  No ruts in the yard and the cleanup was perfect.  The only way you could tell they had been there was the evenly spread compost on my lawn. My lawn went from a lawn with issues to the best in the neighborhood in almost no time.

Our soils in Southeast Texas simply stink.  It has too much clay, or gumbo, or sand and is not any good for growing the lawns we all want.  Since the soil is the foundation in which our landscape must grow in, I highly recommend amending the soil with Compost Top Dressing.

GreenPro has a passion for the work they do.  They strive to build strong customer relations and are very easy to work with.  They are simply the best at what they do.  These guys have positioned themselves with some of the best known Organic businessmen in the Houston area.  They educate themselves on a continual basis.

All I can say is one of the best decisions I have made for my lawn is to give Green Pro a call. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.  When you do call, you will talk to one of the owners and they will assist you in your total lawn care.


Jerry T. from Atascocita Said:

I first contacted Green Pro in the Spring of 2010, because I could find no one else that applied compost to lawns. The price quote was much lower than I expected, so I scheduled an application.  They were prompt, and had state of the art equipment. (The compost spreader is something to see!!) The leaf mold compost Green Pro uses is the best you can buy. Jim and Todd were very professional and patient answering my long list of questions. The cleanup afterward was very thorough. The results a month later were the best lawn on the block!

I have found a company I can trust with my business…a rare thing in todays world! Whenever I have a question about my lawn care I know I can call Green Pro and get an answer to my question.

I am a very tough critic when I judge service of a company. Having owned my own business I lived under the motto that good service is giving the customer MORE than what they expect. In the past two years Green Pro is one of only two company’s that have given MORE than what I expected.


Barbara C. from Hempstead Said:

I live approximately 50 miles NW of the center of Houston. Our home sits on a 1.66 acre lot. We have flower beds and manicured lawn on approximately 2/3 of our lot. I’ve been fighting fungus, weeds, etc. for a couple of years and have discovered leaf mold compost as a top dressing to assist in the battle.

In 2009, my husband and I shoveled 10 yards of it by hand and vowed to never do it again. I received Green Pro’s phone number and gave them a call to get a quote on doing the labor in 2010. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised at their knowledge and work ethic! They arrived at the scheduled time and did an awesome job. The entire crew was polite and hard working. They had no equipment breakdowns, cigarette breaks, or any other excuses. They were careful of my sprinkler heads and I couldn’t even tell they’d been here when they left.

Green Pro cares about the satisfaction of their customers from the smallest detail to the largest. I have found very few service companies that are as diligent and professional as Green Pro. I would highly recommend them to others.


Phil K. from Spring Said:

I had heard about Texas Tea Compost and asked Todd Faulk the owner of Green Pro to come over to my home and describe his program and to give me an estimate for my yard care.  I had been using another well-known service and found it very expensive and it really didn’t make my yard look as good as I thought it should.

Todd’s plan called for 4 different programs.  Spraying the lawns and gardens with the Compost Tea, Aeration of the lawns, followed by Top Coating the lawns with some really fine Compost and then regular fertilizations as needed for the rest of the year.  My lawns are healthier than ever before and this was all done at a price that was slightly less than I was paying before.

Needless to say I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to having Green Pro do my yards again.  We are starting our third year.


Scott W. said:

Y’all came about a week and a half ago to aerate and compost. I was overjoyed with the professional look of the finished product. Then we went away for a few days, and it rained. When we returned, it was like a completely different yard. It was lush, deep green and thick. I don’t recall ever having grass this healthy, and my neighbors have all asked what I did.

I cannot be more pleased with the results (I wish I had taken “before” and “after” pictures!!) and you will now join my list of “things to do with the yard”. I used to use chemical fertilizers, but about 8 years ago I switched out of environmental and health concerns. There is no way that chemicals could ever make my yard look this good!

Thanks so much for a wonderful job!