Sod Installation

Green Pro now installs all aspects of sod big and small. Is your lawn to the point where it needs to be re-sodded? We can help. In addition to providing installation for new homes, we can remove old sod (what’s left of it), prepare the soil as it needs to be and lay down the new sod. We’ll even come out and install just sod plugs where the lawn needs it. A lot of the time, after killing off a patch of weeds, a lawn may need to have some plugs inserted.

We are experts in determining which sods do best in different areas. (ie-shady vs direct sun) There are many varieties that you can choose from and we will install whichever variety that you choose. Just to name a few, you could do St Augustine (very popular), or Bermuda, or the new trend is Zoysia Carpetgrass.

Our process for determining which variety of grass will do best comes down to sun exposure, soil conditions, drainage, traffic, as well as others. Our experienced team has the know how to ensure your lawn looks its best after we are done.

What’s the process like?

We prep the area by tilling a shallow area where the new sod will go. Nothing hurts new sod more than putting it over existing grass or installing over compacted soil. We make sure that the grass has every chance of surviving after we’re long gone.

That’s it? Anything else?

In addition to tilling, we put a layer of compost for the roots to feed on. Grass of all kind loves compost. New sod, old sod, sod under stress, you name it.

More compost?

After we lay the sod, we’ll apply another thin layer of compost on top of it. This will help in keeping the sod stay moist. A yard that is organic and compost top dressed will have to be watered less often and is less prone to diseases like take-all patch and brown patch.

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