Yard Leveling


Yard leveling is a critical component to ensure an even cut, proper drainage, even safety. Many times on new lawns, sod is not installed properly. Those “gaps” can cause issues now and in the future. With leveling, you ensure a number of critical aspects to your lawn:

  1. Helps build turf
  2. eliminates gaps where weeds can easily grow
  3. cuts down on “pooling” on lawn or low spots
  4. loosens clay soils
  5. Mower cuts grass at an even level and eliminates scalping
  6. Improves drainage
  7. It’s Safer. Uneven lawns can cause turned ankles or worse


Yard leveling greatly improves the aesthetics of your lawn and improves the overall health allowing it to thrive.

Every now and then even the nicest lawns need leveling. Chances are, you would not need to do the whole yard every time, just low spots that take on more water than the rest of the yard.