Lawn Care

Think about your ideal lawn.  Is it lush and green?  Does it feel soft on your bare feet?  Is it something your proud of?  Do you think you can only have this thick, beautiful lawn using only chemicals and harsh poisons?

You can have a beautiful, healthy, low-maintenance lawn without going the traditional chemical lawn care route.   Approaching lawn care using Organic treatments and practices are proving a better and safer approach to lawn maintenance for you and your loved ones.

Why is organic lawn care better?

Conventional lawn chemicals can pollute our water, harm wildlife and have adverse health effects on people and pets. Using pesticides to tackle weeds and pests can actually damage your lawn, too. They kill good organisms that help produce the nutrients plants need to grow, weakening the grass, fostering thatch, and encouraging diseases.

Why is healthy soil so important?

Healthy soil contains high organic content and is teeming with biological life. It supports the development of healthy grass that is naturally resistant to weeds and pests. In a healthy, fertile and well-maintained lawn, diseases and pest problems are rare.

Is organic lawn care expensive?

If your lawn is currently chemically dependent, initially it may be more expensive to restore it. But in the long term, an organic lawn will actually cost you less money. Once established, an organic lawn uses less water and fertilizers, and requires less labor for mowing and maintenance.

How long will it take before I see a difference in my lawn?

In the first year without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the grass may not look healthy. That’s because the transition is being made from soil lacking a balance of nutrients and microbes to one that is balanced and nutritious. Know that within a few years, the grass will be healthy without the expense, pollution, and work of chemicals.


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Green Pro offers three customized lawn care program that is seasonally timed and designed to reduce your lawns need for chemical treatments and harmful synthetic products.  


Here is the basis for our Elite Organic Lawn Care Program:

Early Spring:  In our first visit of the year we are addressing any lawn weeds and working to prevent any future weed flare-ups.  Healthy doses of Organic Compost Tea this round not only injects a nutrient rich Organic mixture but helps your lawn recover from winter stresses.

Spring:  We will promote your spring greening with an application of quality Organic Fertilizer followed by a liquid Compost Tea application.  To continue your lawns spring greening an Organic Soil Conditioner is introduced to add over 70 minerals to your soils base.  We will also inspect and treat weeds in your lawn.

Late Spring:  The start of summer heat can stress your lawn.  We’ll fertilize your lawn using our liquid Compost Tea to prepare it for the summer ahead.  We are on the lookout for weed problems and will treat if necessary.

Summer:  We continue to care for your lawn by applying our summer fertilizer program including liquid Compost Tea to maintain color and continue building an Organic soil profile without enhancing growth.   Our technicians inspect your lawn for problems and will monitor and treat surface-feeding insects.

Late Summer:  Your lawn needs help to withstand the summer’s heat and stress.  Our technician will apply proper nutrients to help your lawn recover and maintain its beauty.  Our technicians will continued to monitoring and control any weed and insects problems.

Fall:  A combined application of Organic Fall Fertilizer and liquid Compost Tea will help thicken your lawn, encourage new root growth, and prepare your lawn for winter.  We will continue to monitor for insect and weed problems and treat as necessary.

Late Fall:  Our late fall application contains a special approach to help your lawn prepare for winter and promote good root growth.  A healthy dose of liquid Compost Tea fortifies your soil profile to withstand the harsh winter weather while continuing to build your Organic soil.  Your lawn will be treated to prevent the growth of winter weeds.

Winter:  With the lack of competition lawn grass, weeds can be a problem in the winter.  We’ll inspect your lawn and treat late-emerging weed while continuing preventative measures to ensure weeds are not a problem over the holidays.  Even in the winter we will continue to fortify your soils profile with our highly organic liquid Compost Tea blend.