AZOMITE® is a natural, mined product. For over fifty years regional crop producers have utilized this unique material from Utah to improve plant growth. Its uniqueness stems from trace minerals found in the deposit. Additionally, these minerals are necessary to optimize metabolism in living things. Ground to dust, trace minerals are small enough to pass through cell walls of organisms. Its name means “A to Z of minerals including trace elements.”Most of all, according to research and customer reports, plants grown with Azomite produce more and larger fruits and vegetables per plant that are better tasting — with evidence of improved nutritional benefits.

Azomite is capable of nourishing most plant life as it provides nutrients that the native soil is often lacking. It will work on any soil, anywhere in the world. Contact us to find out how this product can improve the health of your lawn.

Before & After Using Azomite

Azomite before and after photos







Azomite before and after photos